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Friday, April 23, 2010

home sweet home

I'll do more posting later, but let's just say quickly that the London Book Fair trip was interesting. I made it, we were on some of the last planes to Heathrow that weren't turned around, but we got to go to Paris/Charles De Gaulle instead and when we were able to book Eurostar didn't take advantage of the 7-hour bus ride the airline was offering. And the cloud lifted in time for us to go back to NYC on our originally scheduled flight. But 2/3 of our appointments cancelled because they could not make it to London.


Jim C. Hines said...

Interesting indeed! Glad you made it home.

Anonymous said...

Actually took the train once from Calais to Paris. Nice way to see some of the country at a reasonable speed.

Anonymous said...

Took the (conventional) train once from Calais to Paris. Nice way to see the countryside at a reasonable speed.

Maria said...

Welcome back.

Question: With all the talk lately focused on ebook rights and percentages and how those compare to print percentages...would you consider talking about audio
rights and a common percentage?

Is audio negotiated like print rights with a tiered percentage for the author? (x sold gets 7 percent, the next y sold gets 10, etc) or is a straight percentage given to the author with some sort of standard beginning percentage based on the popularity of the author?

Is such a percentage typically higher or lower than print percentages?

Thanks! (I realize you may not have time or inclination to cover such topics and either way, no worries.)


Kyle White said...

Sounds as if your trip to Texas might have been more enjoyable.

Welcome home. Looking forward to reading new posts.