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Thursday, May 6, 2010


So here's an article from the Washington Post on Monday, one of the many places in the country where medical marijuana is slowly working its way into the mix.

In it, DC AssistantPolice Chief Peter Newsham says: "People don't feel marijuana is dangerous, but it is, because of the way it is sold. We frequently recover weapons when serving search warrants associated with the sale of marijuana."

Well, ain't that just the best argument in favor of legalizing I've ever seen.

If the only dangerous thing he can come up with is a direct result of the fact that it has to be sold surreptitously and illicitly and thus involving guns, then let's legalize it and make it safe.


Peat said...


Maria said...

Using that argument, it's not safe to buy groceries in Texas either since it's perfectly legal to carry concealed inside a grocery story (or unconcealed for that matter if you have the correct permits.) And I even know someone who has carried concealed inside a grocery store in broad daylight for no apparent reason. Obviously the danger in grocery shopping just isn't known by all of us. We are just unwary shoppers are at risk!

Perhaps since grocery shopping is so dangerous, the government should give groceries away for free.

Now how is that for lacking in logic and also making a plug to get myself free groceries???