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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

touching base, briefly

London Book Fair beckons in just a bit, and I can't have less time to do a post from London than I've had the last week to do a post from the US!

I spent 48 hours doing intensive touring of bookstores all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area thanks to the generosity and hospitality of oft-times blog commenter Kyle White, who was my escort for the DFW Writers Conference and really went above and beyond the call. My Borders count is now up over 220! Also a few Whole Foods added to the list.

Friday night, Saturday and Sunday to mid-afternoon were devoted to the writer's conference.

And since getting back Monday, it's been one of those weeks. The phone line has been busted and Verizon seemed to think waiting until the 19th to fix was just a peachy-keen thing to do. Two billing problems with different people. The photocopier is getting cranky on longer jobs. There's a small drip at the valve for the washing machine. All sorts of little things.

But ready or not, in a half hour it all gets put behind...

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Maria said...

Advice: Shut off water to washing machine before leaving!!!