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Friday, October 5, 2012


I didn't watch the debate because I was watching Indians, but if I understand this part of it correctly...

Mitt Romney said he doesn't have plans for a $5 Trillion tax cut because he intends to find that amount of money elsewhere in the budget so it doesn't raise the deficit, and this cannot be considered a tax cut.

He intends to have the government take five trillion dollars from some people to give five trillion dollars to other people

Isn't that redistribution??

Yes, Redistribution


Now, from a Republicsn standpoint maybe not because money people don't pay in taxes is always your money that you get to keep so how can it be redistribution to just let you keep your five trillion dollars.

But, if you are one of the people who will lose a tax loophole and pay more of your money in taxes than you are now, won't that look like the government took Five Trillion to redistribute it elsewhere?

If you benefit from a government program whether it is having a job with Amtrak or on Sesame Street that will no longer exist, won't it look like redistribution.

If Governor Romeny's plan isn't an outright tax cut, it has to be a Five Trillion Dollar redistribution.  Wouldn't you like him to let you know, now, if some of that five trillion he intends to redistribute is yours?

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