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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Think of it as Evolution in Action

One of the major appeals of the CD in spite of the audiophile accusations of diminution of sound quality was that it liberated us from having to get off our duffs to change sides on an album complete with cleaning album and stylus. As I finally start to burn my CDs and put them on my iPad now I see why this whole MP3 thing is so popular. No longer do we need to get off of our duffs to change CDs or even to change our six CD changers. No, we just sit in the easy chair and play 49 straight CDs without getting up, all we need is someone to feed us grapes or Skittles (grape Skittles!). And the audiophile snobs still think any of it's about sound quality. Yeh. Right. What they need to think about are the cunning evil aliens now one step closer fattening us for intergalactic slaughter.


Kyle White said...

Good to see you blogging again. Loved the last sentence!

Maria said...

Yes, yes, when they show up just before Thanksgiving...and hand you carrot cake...try to look thin--but fast on your feet!!!