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Monday, March 9, 2009

On Sale Today!

I highly recommend Rachel Getting Married.  This was one of my Best of 2008.

I highly recommend Role Models, especially and strangely to my sf loving Brilligaholics.

Both are available March 10 on DVD.

And of course, The Warded Man!  I'm very proud of Peter Brett and of his debut fantasy.  If you like fantasy fiction at all, I think he is somebody you will want to be reading, along with Brandon Sanderson.  I spent many years and a lot of sweat equity looking for a Terry Goodkind of my own for the JABberwocky list, and I am amply rewarded to have these two fine thirtysomethings to work with.  You can't get free shipping with The Warded Man alone, so tuck in one of these videos or a Brandon Sanderson book along with your copy of The Warded Man, and you'll be getting a boxful of pleasure before you know it.

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Eugene said...

I did finally see Rachel Getting Married in theaters last month. I thought it was terrific, even if I was expecting a romantic comedy for some reason. So, it wasn't the best choice for Valentine's Day, but it's a great film nonetheless. I am constantly impressed by Anne Hathaway in every film she's in. I've also heard good things about Role Models, so that's going into the Netflix queue.