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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Assassination of Jesse James

Seen on DVD, on my HUGE screen (20") on Tuesday March 4. No Slithy Toads

I didn't quite know what to do with this when it had its theatrical release. I like Brad Pitt, it was very serious minded, it certainly seemed Worthy of Being Seen. But it was a long movie. The reviews were all over the map from "there be dragons" to you must must must see it. I ended up not seeing it in the theatres, but I felt guilty about it in a way I very rarely and hardly ever do. So I did something I do hardly ever, and I promised myself I'd look at the DVD. Thank you, Queens Borough Public Library.

And I am SO glad I didn't pay for this in the theatre. To be sure, you never know how something might play differently in a big theatre vs. a TV at home; there are movies I've loved more than I should have because I saw them at the Loews Astor Plaza. But I can't see this as one of them. Nothing happens. Lots of pretty scenery to look at. But NOTHING HAPPENS. I decided I'd rather be working out at the gym than watching a movie from the comfort of my recliner. That is not a recommendation.

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Anonymous said...

Are you crazy!? This movie was amazing, visually and otherwise.

I am so sorry that there wasn't an explosion every ten minutes to help keep you entertained.