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A blog wherein a literary agent will sometimes discuss his business, sometimes discuss the movies he sees, the tennis he watches, or the world around him. In which he will often wish he could say more, but will be obliged by business necessity and basic politeness and simple civility to hold his tongue. Rankings are done on a scale of one to five Slithy Toads, where a 0 is a complete waste of time, a 2 is a completely innocuous way to spend your time, and a 4 is intended as a geas compelling you to make the time.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Now why didn't I think of that?

My local Wendy's had something new on Friday, a spicy chicken crispy chicken nugget. Yes, the breading from their spicy chicken sandwich applied to their longstanding crispy chicken nuggets.


lexcade said...


oh man. that sounds so good right about now... i'm envious of your awesome wendy's.

Lynxswift said...

Woahhh coincidence O.o! I was at the local Wendy's that same night :). I had that new Bacon Deluxe burger with that apple wood bacon. I'll have to try those new chicken nuggets :).