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Friday, July 19, 2013

Guest Movie Review - Bryce Moore on Pacific Rim

I went to see Pacific Rim with JABberwocky client Bryce Moore, the author of the award-winning YA novel Vodnik, and since we both blog we decided to exchange guest reviews of the movie.

After you've read Bryce's review, but sure to check out Vodnik, check him out on his own blog, and follow along with Bryce on Twitter.  And click here for my review of Pacific Rim, over on Bryce's blog.

Movie Review: Pacific Rim -- by Bryce Moore

While I was at ConnectiCon, I had the chance to catch a viewing of Pacific Rim (as you already know, if you read my response to some of the robot names in the film). Setting aside my response to the name choices, what did I think of the actual movie?

Honestly? I loved it.

This is what I'd wanted Michael Bay's Transformers to be like. It's a movie about giant robots fighting giant lizards. If that sounds like something you'd be excited to see, you'll love this film, too. It is, hands down, the best robot vs. lizard movie you could think of. I guarantee it.

Yes, there's a premise. Yes, there are huge gaping plot holes throughout the movie. But if that upsets you, let me remind you what you paid to see: a movie about giant robots fighting giant lizards. Did you really expect Chariots of Fire? (Maybe if it were "Chariots ON Fire", right? Someone make that movie. Please.)

Before I saw the film, I had some reservations about Del Toro. He makes some truly stunning visuals, but sometimes I feel like his visuals take center stage, leaving the plot behind. It's one of the reasons I was relieved somewhat when he left The Hobbit. Would this be another example of that?

Pacific Rim makes me wonder what we would have gotten if Del Toro had been able to stick with The Hobbit.

The visuals are wonderful eye candy. The plot has some issues, but because the tone is so darned light and fun, you just don't mind. Yes, there are cliches left and right. But it doesn't matter. This is a movie about giant robots fighting giant lizards.

There was plenty of humor, and Ron Perlman has an outstanding cameo. None of the acting jobs were really noteworthy. They didn't need to be. This isn't a movie about closeups and lingering shots. It's about action. Destruction. Fighting. Where Man of Steel was the same fight scene over and over, this one kept you constantly on your toes, with new awesome coming down the pike every five seconds. See it big if you can. I saw it in 2D, and I kind of wish I'd been able to see it 3D, instead.

It's also pretty much completely clean--so much that I'm considering taking my 9 year old son to see it. There's fighting and action, but no swearing or sex. This is the sort of movie I was have adored as a 9 year old. (And still adore today) It's the realization of every awesome Saturday morning cartoon you've ever watched.

Oh---and a note for all you people who just leave as soon as it fades to black: stay at least halfway through the credits, people. There's more.

What do I give a movie like this on a star rating? Can a movie about giant robots fighting giant lizards really be worthy of 4 stars?

Yes my friends, it can. It didn't change my life. It didn't make me cry or think about things in a new light. It just did what it came to do, and it did it perfectly.

Four stars.

See it.

--Bryce Moore