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Friday, May 1, 2009

a pint by any other size

A pint of Haagen Dazs is now 14oz, in the latest instance of stealth price increases.  I don't know if a Ben & Jerry's pint is still a pint or not, but they have started to sell more aggresively a 4oz container of ice cream that can go on sale for $1, instead of the 2/$6 pricing that's been more common on the pints, and which doesn't inspire ice cream purchases.  Wednesday was 31¢ scoop night at Baskin-Robbins, and I had my full 3 scoop allotment, 2 World Class Chocolate and one Oreo Cookies 'n' Cream.  But I did not walk from the Baskin-Robbins at 42nd St. to the Baskin-Robbins at 46th St. so I could have six scoops.


Lynxswift said...

Since moving to NYC, I had gotten into the habit of picking up some Haagen Dazs at the little corner stores and paying $4.50 or so and maybe $4 at what passes as supermarkets here :(. I was surprised on a recent trip to Florida to find them go for about $2.50 at WalMart, and my cousins considering that expensive O.o'. Too bad about the stealth price increase :(. I so missed out on that 31cent scoop night :(.

Maria said...

And see that Kindle fees went up as well. Measured sort of by the pint.

Thanks for the google post below as well. That sort of attention to detail is appreciated.

Lynxswift said...

Are you excited about the rumors of the magazine sized Kindle DX? There's rumor that it will be announced this wednesday. I would be very interested in this especially if I will be able to view my D&D and RPG rulebook PDFs on it :). I hope they fix the cold weather problems you noted about it, but somehow I doubt they have :(.