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Friday, February 6, 2009

Woman Overboard!

Maybe I'd be more sympathetic if this wasn't the 4th iteration of this problem, but now that we fnd out Hildy Solis' husband has tax problems of his own, I don't want her in Obama's cabinet, either.  I'm just getting really really bored with all of these people who don't know how to pay their taxes.  Did we hear that Joe the Plumber might have had a tax lien, too?  So maybe Hildy Solis' husband deserves a pass, too.  But standards, people, standards!  I spend a lot of time running my business and keeping track of the books and keeping on top of my obligations to my clients and to my employees, and I just don't have much patience for all of these excuses.


Maria said...

It's especially hard to swallow right now during tax season as I begin to collect the multitude of records that I need in order to file. Somehow I just don't think the IRS would overlook MY not paying taxes or filing incorrectly. Really stinks when those that aspire to high offices couldn't be bothered to do it right until AFTER they were nominated.

I'm with you. The excuses don't cut it.

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree. The idea that government officials (like Tom Daschle) could knowingly dodge over $100,000 in taxes and then shrug it off with a disingenuous "nobody's perfect" is simply unacceptable. The new Administration's biggest and most important task is to restore confidence in our financial system - but how can that happen if the integrity of appointed officials can't be trusted?

James Robert Smith said...

The privileged rarely just pay their taxes. They're so busy looking for dodges and loopholes that they're bound to get into trouble when one looks intently at their records.

I have nothing against the levying of taxes. Just pay your taxes. Don't play games with the IRS.

Jessica Strider said...

I've tagged you in my meme for the Kreativ Blogger award.

Always interesting to see what you've been up to!